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** I think it's time for all creative souls to step forward. Make art,  teach art,  give art share your soul. see if that is what it will take to help stabilize what going on in the world today. November 2016

I’m a Humanist and a Buddhist and I meditate when I can, hey no one is perfect. I’m also a thinking man. I spend a lot of time in my head. I’m trying to grow into the man I would be the most proud of. I really like the guy I am but hey who can’t be better. Loving human kind for a sensitive man like me has proven to be more difficult than I could have thought. I have not given up, I just strengthen my mission.

I’m a good conversationalist and a better kisser. I'm a Photographer, Artist, Painter, Poet, short story writer, good cook and baker. So art and Music hold major place cards in my life.

I have a wonderful Partner who is supportive and inspiring. A nicer and sweeter man I could not have imagined. His name is Herschell

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creatively Maladjusted

Human Salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted. – Martin Luther King Jr.

I feel like this is a good thing. “Creatively Maladjusted” I want to wear it on a T-shirt, tattoo it on my chest. If creative people were the same as everyone else, who would not be afraid to speak the truth? Who would poke at our leaders and rally the people?

=>Creative: adj. org. 1670-80

1. Having the ability or power to create: Human beings are creative animals.

2. Resulting from originality of thought or expression.

3. Facetious. Using or creating exaggerated or skewed ideas.

=>Maladjusted: adj. org. 1880-85

1. Poorly adjusted: badly or unsatisfactorily adjusted, esp. in relationship to one’s social circumstances or environment.

2. Inadequately adjusted to the demands or stresses of daily living.

I remember the first time I saw a button that said, “Why Be Normal?” I immediately wanted one. What a question?! Why be normal? I don’t know. I’ve since learned that it makes others feel more comfortable. But it usually makes me feel less comfortable. If acting normal is a way that fits in with many people’s expectations of how you should behave? Who made up the rules of what’s normal? I think it came on slowly when more and more people began to feel uneasy with others not fitting their own prescribed actions. Of course there is always a church of some kind involved. That kind of restriction is choking our society. If using my mind in ways others don’t is ABNORMAL then that’s cool with me. I see myself as an Artist and have as long as I can remember. Art is the minds grease. The world needs it.

There have not been many weeks in my life where someone didn’t elude or just flat out say that I was different or not normal. I embraced it first, then I fought it and then I embraced it again. Look its hard enough being here on this planet without freaking out most of the humans I meet. I save it for the like minded “Creatively Maladjusted” souls I meet long the way. Hey if you’re feeling odd and abnormal. Check in with me. I found a few places where the Maladjusted come together.

Oh and please remember

Why Be Normal?



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