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I’m a Humanist and a Buddhist and I meditate when I can, hey no one is perfect. I’m also a thinking man. I spend a lot of time in my head. I’m trying to grow into the man I would be the most proud of. I really like the guy I am but hey who can’t be better. Loving human kind for a sensitive man like me has proven to be more difficult than I could have thought. I have not given up, I just strengthen my mission.

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I have a wonderful Partner who is supportive and inspiring. A nicer and sweeter man I could not have imagined. His name is Herschell

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009



A lighter shade of red

The color of some folk’s cheeks

The name of a wonderful singer, and the code name for one of the tough Gangsters in Reservoir Dogs

The color of many, many flowers and really cool coral

It’s a great color for spring and after the 80’s I thought most men would understand that just wearing it would not question their masculinity.

I remember a few years ago, a mid level rapper Camron, wore a pink dipped outfit [t-shirt, pants, hat and shoes] including pink diamonds. This guy was a known lady’s man and a somewhat tough guy and people still gave him a hard time. While his fans came around quickly, it took a lot of press discussion before the media let go of it and some people still call his sexuality in to question.
Today I sit in coffee shop surrounded by good natured people of all kinds. I’m wearing light pink dress shirt with a pink t-shirt underneath and blue jeans. I have had more women walk past to either smile or comment on how much they like the color of my shirt. One woman brought her nice but sad husband over to say see that men can wear pink. [Underline and not look funny] I have been wearing this color since I was in fourth grade, when my Mom washed a red shirt of mine in with the whites, isn’t that always the way it starts. My Aunt managed to save most of the white clothes but the red was lost for good. She threw it away and I rescued it. I wore to school, they called me Pinky Tuscadero from the Happy Days TV show and said “pink, pink you know you stink”. So then I only wore it on the weekends. My friends didn’t care what I wore and my relatives thought I was being different [code name]. When I got to the 7th grade I went to a car show with my cousins. I’ve never really been into cars my whole life. I’ve only really liked two cars completely, an old school Porsche and a VW Carmengia. They were both at this car show. Being me, I talked about them to anyone who would listen. One of my wonderful Uncles bought me a silver Porsche 911 toy car. I loved it so much, I took it to school. To one up me, another kid had his parents buy him a silk BMW shirt. So I asked my powers that were for a Porsche shirt, my Mom found one and she was so happy when she brought it home. I opened the bag and it was a hot pink silk shirt with a silver Porsche 911 on the back. I wanted to cry. Pinky all over again, But I wore it on Monday anyway. Dam the torpedoes and full steam ahead and all that. I got to school and everyone thought it was the coolest shirt, I had worried for nothing. After that even more, I wore what I wanted to wear. Now I’m a grown gay man so the rules are different, besides dark skin black men look good in pink. lol
So summer is just about here, so fellas show the ladies that you are a free thinker and don so pink. If you are not that bold start with a t-shirt or a dress shirt. Ladies you know what to do, right? T

Some words from a professional- http://www.mensflair.com/

Spring is a time to consider these little wardrobes-within-a-wardrobe; as the weather warms, and the waistcoats are put away, the tie takes centre stage in the ensemble once more. There is, to my mind, no quintessential ‘spring tie’; there are ties one would wear in this period one would never wear in autumn or winter, but there isn’t a definitive stretch of silk that every man should own for spring, but merely ideas; combinations and contrasts. For example, spring is a time for colour variation. Not that autumn and winter tones need, or indeed should be colourless rather that, like Mother Nature herself, the vividity of the tones should be carefully considered.

The glory of Spring’s natural beauty has inspired musicians and poets to songs and sonnets. The wonderful energy and majesty of a tiny but brilliant zest-coloured flower sprouting from the fields gives one’s mind a little lift; it’s remarkably stimulating and rousing. A similar satisfaction can be derived from careful colour selection – you’d be surprised how a little consideration can give you such pleasing results.
The most eyecatching colour mixing can only occur when coloured shirts are used – white shirts are indeed smart and have the crisp, fresh elegance of a spring, but for the brighter, lighter ties of spring, the expanse of white tends to dilute the tones rather unhappily. Spring should be a time to expand your collection of coloured shirts; light blues, royal blues, ivy greens, daffodil yellow, salmon pinks. I would plump for smaller checks and stripes for the full colour effect and also because loud checks and stripes, with even louder ties, are dreadfully mismatched.

Spring Salmon

Salmon pink is a glorious colour to employ at springtime and has excellent adaptability; working very well with buff, grey or navy suits. Ties can be either brash and playful – light blue, or lemon and cream striped, or a little more conservative (but no less impressive) – grass green or navy polka dot. I think a light grey suit, salmon pink shirt and navy polka dot tie is complete Spring chic.

The Big Blue

Most chaps are more than willing to break from the monotony of white-shirted wardrobes at anytime of year with a mid to light blue number, but when the sunny, warm days of mid-Spring are here, and the sky seems somehow bluer, it’s time to consider a more intense indigo; a big blue. Such a shirt works well with a range of ties, though arguably the range is smaller than that of a lighter shirt; salmon pinks, grass greens and sky blues match well.

Feminine colours

Pinks, purples and even oranges and yellows are often considered feminine colours. Turquoise is regularly regarded to have that jewel-like brightness that only a woman can be seen in. However, using feminine colours in moderation alongside male classics such as school blazer grey, navy blue, black and racing green will dilute the acidic effect they can often have. Playing merry hell with such colours will lead to the ice-cream-Florida-retirement-home sartorial disaster; I learned my lesson long ago about being too ‘brave’ in this regard.


  1. I like Pink.....the singer and the colour....saw her in NYC at South Seaport on Sept. 30, 2005. She is a nice girl. By the way it was a free concert for breast-cancer awareness.
    And pink is a fantastic colour to dark skin.....

  2. I LOVE the color pink. It DOES give ppl the opportunity to be more welcoming. I noticed tones of pink and orange where on display in even conservative menswear when I visited Italy; far more than in the states. A feminine color... hmmm. And who decides what's a feminine color? Thank you for reminded me two of my favorite warm weather shirts are PINK!

  3. Thomas, you write so well about colors and fashion -- you've got a calling here! And, ooh, baby, you need a pink Porsche.