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I’m a good conversationalist and a better kisser. I'm a Photographer, Artist, Painter, Poet, short story writer, good cook and baker. So art and Music hold major place cards in my life.

I have a wonderful Partner who is supportive and inspiring. A nicer and sweeter man I could not have imagined. His name is Herschell

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can I Have A Good Day

While I was in the hall I heard Mr. Michael Chuy tell Mr. Mark Rockingham that he had a contest this weekend in Venice and did he want tickets. He didn't ask me I certainly wanted tickets. All day I thought about Mr. Chuy in his skin tight Lycia, doing jumps and stretches. Oh my god, he would be like totally hot. I would be a bit embarrassed to ask him about it since he didn't mention it in front of me. I don’t even have a class with him anymore that I go to the Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy (LAPAA). How will I find out the deal, I thought on my way to another boring Math class with Mr. Johnson. Well he’s not boring at all he’s pretty cool. As always it’s the other kids that drive me nuts. It’s supposed to be an advanced geometry class but a few of the parents pulled some strings to get their slow little darlings in there to make them look better for college. The rest of us have to wait for them every day because nice Mr. Johnson always asks after every lesson; did everyone understand what we did today or do you want me to go over it again; and there is always someone who wants him to go over it again. I can see if you have a question or you need some clarification. But there are a few kids that need the whole lesson explained more than once, even more than twice. Me being me, I couldn't take it a few times and I stood up in class and explained the lesson in my own words and then said to the kids in question; maybe you could ask your parents for a tutor so the rest of us can finish this math book before the end of days!?! Half the class loved it and the few acted as if I wasn't talking to them.

I know not everyone can be good in every subject. Heck, I have to have a dictionary with me whenever I write for creative writing class. I am a terrible speller. Mr. Johnson is just like his wife Mrs. Johnson who also teaches math here at Hollywood High. They both are patient and have a good outlook on life. They don’t have any kids. I wonder why?

Lunch was pretty cool; we had a concert by the Motels and one of our school bands Alabaster Night. We have like 9 bands that all the members go to this school. That chick from the Motels, as my aunt Gina would say, ‘that girl can sang!’ I stayed in the back. I didn’t feel like being crushed by all the band groupies. So I sat on the low wall facing the stage with a few of my school friends. None of my Street-Fam is in school anymore and they don’t want to talk about it, so we move on and let it fall.

We were just hangin’ back and enjoying the music and kee-keeing like we do when Rocky Tortuga walks up and says hey. I’ve known him since he and his sister Nicole came to our school in the 9th grade. I always thought he was cute but I rarely press boys my own age. But he is a Stunner and he has a manly body with a deep sexy voice.

“Hey what’s happening people?” Rocky says just over the music.

“Nothing much just enjoying the sounds,” said my girl Beige

“So Ted I was wondering if I could hang with you?” and he made a hand movement to include the group.

“It’s cool with me, if it’s cool with everyone else.” (Trying to be my coolest self)

He looked around and the gathering and they all nodded in agreement. So he squeezed up next to me. Now I had heard from his sister that he was going to try and make some moves to ask me out or something. I told her that I don’t usually press with boys like, my own age but I like, liked him and would be open to a friendly hang with an option on some lips. She asked if she could use that line. I said sure I’ve got a million of ‘em. So when he walked up I knew the score before the game had even started.

The bands were cool but my favorite part is when the take a break and the D.J’s take over. That’s when I get to do my thing. I’m a dancer and that is where my soul lives. I know all the D.J’s that play at our school and they know me and the other dancers. We like it funky, who care what the other kids like. I feel like I’ve gotten so much bolder living on the street these last 4 years, I guess I had no choice. I look at Rocky and he already is reaching to hold my bag.

“May I hold your bag while you show them how it’s done?”

“Well usually I ask one of my girls but if you want to…”

“I would be honored, besides I love watching you do your thing.”

I will not blush, I will not blush!! “Hey I just do what I like.”

“Yes and you do it better than anyone else.”

He is making me embarrassed so I turn around and the “Beat-Kids” are already starting to throw some hair.

“OK, Rocky if you really don’t mind I would like to work out some new stuff.”

He smiles and bows deep and dramatic.

I’m just wearing cut up jean shorts, knee tights and a sleeveless t-shirt. I reach in my bag and grab a knee length black nylon trench-coat just to jazz up my out-fit. Rocky looked surprised but interested. On the way through the crowd I saw Nicole and kissed her on the cheek and pointed her towards her brother.

The kids were already starting to turn it. I own nothing so I never just run in, but as soon as Le Ron sees me I can tell that he wants to do one of the routines from class. I’d never do that if someone else didn’t start it. I like to do my own stuff. But what the heck it’s a good way to get loose.

We cut it up like we were made of the wind. I can see both Rocky and Nicole smiling in my direction. I guess today is a day and I give a triple turn to everyone else’s single and double.

Now I know it’s a good day.

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