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Friday, July 22, 2011

Saturday Night Magic


Its 9 pm on a boring Saturday and it is almost a week after the fourth of July and I am too hot and too bored to be out here with some of my Family and none of them are getting any work. I think it’s too hot and people spent all their money during the big weekend. I haven’t really worked on the street for about a year now and I don’t really miss it. I’m just here to hang out and see everybody, well if someone choice comes through, then like people say, “Never say never”.

We are there for about an hour with nothing but Peeping-Peter’s. I start sighing and

Colt says if you are bored and want to go it’s cool with me.

I say no I just wish something would happen.

Well it seems like a slow night said Kenny

Maybe if we say the money chant, we haven’t used that one in a long time I say.

Colt and Tim look embarrassed that I said it in front of other people. I’m 16 so Colt must be almost 19 by now. But Colt being ever the supportive big brother pushes past his embarrassment to join in.

Yes six times “Bring us money”. OK everyone join in.

Yes it doesn’t work unless everyone is in I say.

Fuck it, said Marky and Blue (who were working this block with us)

James and Pharm- Boy had just walked up when we were beginning to form the circle.

What’s happening Fellas and Ladies said Pharm- Boy.

Colt told the two of them to join in and we would explain.

So we all got in a circle and held hands. I looked around at all 7 of the young men in the circle, they all needed money, whether it be for food, drugs or a place to sleep tonight they didn’t have the luxury of just skipping it. I say they because with the change in my method I had a regular income, heck I was even starting to save some Freakin’ money.

Colt looked at me to explain the deal.

So this is like positive thinking for Hustlers. We used to do it in our family all the time and it always made something happen.

Pharm-Boy looked like I was about to levitate.

Is this like, you know some sort of Fuckin’ magic because I don’t fuck with no fuckin’ magic said Pharm-Boy. [why are some addicts so superstitious?]

It’s not magic I said not looking at any of my family.

James asked, So what do we have to do?

You all say the chant one time for each person out loud and there are 8 of us here, so we say it 7 times then you close your eyes and think of what you want to use the money for. This part you say to yourself quietly and I will count to seven out loud and then we’re done.

Yea Ted kind of made it up one day when we were bored and it worked and changed everything that day said my other brother Tim.

It goes like this:

These are our streets, this is our way

If you want to play you have pay.

You know you want us because we are the best.

Bring lots of cash because we don’t take checks.

It’s like positive thinking and it puts in a fun money making mood and all know that when you’re in a good mood money comes easier.

Marky says I always make better hook-ups when I’m in a better place.

Hey Kenny remember when you wanted all of us to go to Disneyland for your birthday? It worked then real good said Tim.

Yea and we had such a good time I will never forget it.

Everyone was in no matter how they really felt about the little ritual. Who could afford to turn away from a good thing that cost them nothing? I started to speak the words along with Kenny, Tim and Colt. Before we finished the first sentence half the group joined in and then the rest, 8 times and we were done. Everyone closed their eyes and I started counting one, two, three I looked around to see if everyone kept their eyes closed four, five, six, seven and eight.

They all opened their eyes and Blue looked around to see if anything was happening yet.

Blue it’s not automatic let the good feeling spread I said with a smile.

He busted a big smile at me and said he liked it. It made him feel all connected and warm on the inside.

That’s later hoe when that big dick inside you said Pharm-Boy. [No one laughed and he immediately felt bad about saying and hugged Blue in apology]

I noticed that after Blue and Pharm-boy hugged they went right back to holding hands with everyone else. We were all kind of grinning like kids. We didn’t even see the silver Mercedes pull up. He honked and rolled down the passenger side window. We all finally let go with our peaceful bubble broken.

He said hey I need two hot boys for a party. Do any of you know a cute blonde boy with dark roots and a punk style named Robbie?

Blue said I know Robbie but I don’t know where he is.

He’s is at the party I told him I needed more boys and he told me some places to go. I’m looking for three boys [he turned on the car light to see a piece of paper] Marky, Tim and I think the name is Blue? Do you know those guys?

I looked at Blue and he was already moving towards the car.

Tim learned from Colt just like I did so he stopped Blue and asked what kind of party and how much was the fee. Colt smiled at me and Blue frowned.

The guy said it was a midnight pool party at the back pool at the Ch√Ęteau Marmot and the fee was $500 to start.

The three guys conferred that it sounded good. Marky said it sounded too good, but he would be in if they were. Blue said he was a good friend of Punk Robbie and he would do it. Colt walked over to the group and said it sounded good and the guy had all three of their names how likely is that. They were in.

As they ran towards the car Blue stopped and ran over to me for a hug and whispered in my ear, thanks for the magic. I just smiled. Marky and Tim came over to hug and I slipped some “Red Hots” in his back pocket. I was going to give them to him anyway. They are his favorite pick-me-ups. I still had some for Colt and Kenny also. Some girl at school traded $40 and a bag of “Red Hots” for a T-shirt I made for her. I don’t do any drugs since the overdose. So I give them to my friends. They jumped in the car and were off with a vroom.

Everyone was talking about how cool that was when a black van with thunder bolts on the side pulled up. It was Pharm-Boy’s cousin Ricky. He jumped out and said hey. Then he pull Pharm-Boy to the side and they chatted. While they talked a man walked up from the side street and it was one of Colt’s regulars. The guy has been coming to Colt for about 8 years [8 years hmm]. He showed Colt a key and they both smiled. Colt turned to Kenny and me and said he would be at the Sunset Motel in Santa Monica, would we be OK?

Of course we would you raised us well.

He smiled and walked away with Mr. Taylor.

It was down to James, Kenny and Me. James is 20 but he looks like a grown man most of the time.

Kenny heard some RG’s [real-girls] yelling Jimmy from the corner. He poked James and pointed. He squinted and yelled. Three sassy looking chicks came towards us and loud and happy. James introduced us to three members of Late Night Satisfaction, a rock and roll band that James sometimes sang back up for apparently. They needed him for a gig but didn’t know where to find him and was on their to eat when they saw him down the street. James looked at me and mouthed the words I owe you and grabbed his stuff.

Kenny said check that out it seemed to work for everybody but us.

Hey the night is still young it’s not ever midnight yet. Do you wanna go to the Golden Nugget for some fries and a soda on me?

OK after that will you over to Highland with me to see there is some work there?

Sure no charge… [we laughed]

The Golden Nugget was almost always full of people, street kids, Hollywood families, Hookers, Pimps and many, many Mo’s. We found a table in Tammy-Lynn’s section she is great and she has worked there for 15 years and loves it. We give her hugs and order a big basket of fries, a cherry coke and a cheery 7up. I can feel someone eyes on my back. I turn around and it’s Red Johannes. He is a guy that graduated from Hollywood about two years ago and his father is making him intern at other companies before he at the family Prop rent business. I know that Kenny thinks Red is a super star so a call him over. He’s OK but not my taste. He and his Sibs are second generation Norwegian but they look like they just got here. I see the spark in about five minutes. It seems that Red was just horning in on some old friends to not have to eat alone. Kenny invites him to eat with us and I say sure. When Red goes to the other table to get his stuff I say to Kenny that I guess the spell is working for everybody.

Kenny looks at me with a little frown, What about you what will get?

Don’t worry about me I’m always Swayze. ( I guess people think Patrick Swayze = cool, go figure).

Well then it’s just you and I tonight, unless you want to be alone?

What the heck are you talking about? It’s going to be you and Red tonight.

Nooo he wouldn’t like a guy like me said Kenny.

Give me your hand before he comes back.

I drew circle with KR/RJ inside and told Kenny to kiss it and then shake hands with Red when he comes back.

Why what did you do?

You’ll see trust, baby trust.

When Red came back I said let me make formal introductions this is my good friend Kenneth Rivera. Kenny this is here is the well known Red Johannes of the now Brentwood Johannes clan. Red looks surprised at me but says it’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Rivera.

Kenny Blushes and says call me Kenny and sticks out his hand for Red to shake. Red shakes Kenny’s and I saw a little jolt and know my work was done.

The fries were gone and glasses were empty and the two guys never stopped staring at each other. I could have slipped away and I bet they wouldn’t have noticed.

When the bill came Red snatched it up and handed Tammy-Lynn a $20. She looked at me, I shrugged.

She walked away.

I said well kids I’ve got places to go and people to amaze.

Kenny looked at me like he was just snapped out of a trance and started to make his exit lines [it was so nice to meet you and all].

I saw the look on Red’s face. I cut in, “What you doing? I’m going to Ultra tonight and you’ll be bored watching me dance all night. Red would be like you know a friend and hang out with my friend tonight so I can go dancing?

Red jumped right in and well if Kenny would like it I would show him the view from my apartment off Sunset?

What do you say Mr. Rivera, dancing with Queens or a view of the ocean with a dashing gentleman?

He blushes and we both know.

Cool for me off to Ultra and a fun sweaty time. Kenny hugged me when I got up to leave and I slipped him 2 $20’s for a cab and breakfast I whispered.

As I walked over to Ultra I knew it was going to be good night. The door made me wait but then Miss Tina’s bff (best friends forever) Cleopatra Williams, saw me next to the door and swept me in with her whirl-wind effect.

What are you doing tonight Mr. Kingston?

Trying to dance myself into a wore out puddle of fabulocity, why?

I’m model dancing some new clothes tonight with some other kids and you would be so on it for this, Also it pays $500 and you get to keep the clothes. Can you get fresh for money?

Are the rags all of that?

They are the latest of the latest Mr. Thing. All you have to do is come to a meeting Tuesday night and tell them what you think of their rags and collect your bills.

OK as long as you give me something really crazy to wear.

I will make you so styling the kids will all pee.

Word. Ms. Williams- Word Mr. Kingston!

So I guess the spell worked out for everyone. The witches will love this.


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