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** I think it's time for all creative souls to step forward. Make art,  teach art,  give art share your soul. see if that is what it will take to help stabilize what going on in the world today. November 2016

I’m a Humanist and a Buddhist and I meditate when I can, hey no one is perfect. I’m also a thinking man. I spend a lot of time in my head. I’m trying to grow into the man I would be the most proud of. I really like the guy I am but hey who can’t be better. Loving human kind for a sensitive man like me has proven to be more difficult than I could have thought. I have not given up, I just strengthen my mission.

I’m a good conversationalist and a better kisser. I'm a Photographer, Artist, Painter, Poet, short story writer, good cook and baker. So art and Music hold major place cards in my life.

I have a wonderful Partner who is supportive and inspiring. A nicer and sweeter man I could not have imagined. His name is Herschell

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Friday, July 22, 2011



I woke up thinking that it was going to be a good and regular day. I never know what the day will bring, but a few months ago some guy on Hollywood Blvd. stopped me to talk about the power of positive thinking. At first he sounded like just another Sun-baked, self-helper but then for some reason I decided to give him a chance. Some of what he said made sense. One of his rules were; as soon as you open your eyes start thinking that it’s going to be a good day; beautiful, fun and full of promise. I told him I would try and here I am doing it.

Today is going to be a great day and full of new and wonderful things to do and see, I said out loud to the Universe from under my warm blanket.

That was kind of easy because I’m skipping school this Friday and to hang with K double D (aka Kevin David Dempsey) and Jimmy James. Two of my favorite gay friends my own age and I know plenty of gay kids my own age but they are usually struggling more than me or so far from me with the big houses and Butlers that sometimes I can’t relate. K double D and Jimmy James are just regular kids, but in a fabulous way. They don’t know it but when I dream of a regular life, it’s their lives I dream about. They both have two parents, they are out and the Rent’s are cool, happy and actually proud of their kids. Jimmy’s Parent’s were even in P-flag until he beg them to drop out. We are in advance jazz dance class at the Los Angeles Performing Art Academy together. We clicked right away and have been good friends every since. I told them about my life as a kind of check. If they freaked then we would not make it as friends.

So it’s Thursday and I still have to get up and get dressed for school. I through the covers back and listen for the shower to see if my slob of a flat-mate is already up. It sounds like he is so I can turn on the radio. I love to start my day with music. I bought myself a cassette clock radio from this store on Hollywood blvd. The guy behind the counter was a dream. I think he was Irish; I’m a sucker for a sexy accent. He had that plus gray eyes and long hair with gray on the sides. I would have bought whatever he said but I got just what I asked for and at a good price. His name was Donovan and when I said I needed something to wake me up because I’m not a morning person he said, “I bet I could change that”. I said excuse me and he said, “Oh nothing”. He was most definitely flirting with me with all the bending over and stretching. I will go back later on.

I hit play and the funky beat started. I jumped out of bed and did and perfect double pirouette. I bent at the waist and stretched my back then my shoulders. I put my foot on the edge of the bed and leaned forward to stretched one thigh, then the other. I was feeling good today. Maybe there is something to this positive thinking.

I danced over to my closet to the song “Tell me something good” by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan. I found this old tape in a box on the street, I think it’s about 6 or 7 years old, but I love me some Chaka. I pulled the look as follows:

Navy blue jumpsuit (stamped with navy blue flowers)

Blue suede ultra hi tops* thick blue sox.

Navy blue T (bleach spattered and washed)

Navy blue silk boxers

A dark blue scrunchie from my friend Nicole

*The shoes were an unhappy gift from Mark “little red” Morgan. He wore them to school and hated them. He was walking by on the way to change at his locker. He asked if I wanted his shoes and I looked them over and they were brand new. I asked why he was giving them up and claimed they made him unhappy for some reason. I didn’t get any vibe from them and they were my size. I put them in my locker to either give away to the Fam or take to one of the witches to see if there was something on them. Cool for me.

I heard the bathroom door creak open and I knew it was my turn. I grab my towel off the back of the door. I keep my towel in my room because once I found it wet and sticky from my flat-mate. That’s soo nasty. I dashed for the door and ran right in to Xavier. He screamed and dropped his towel. Now I said I’m feeling good but seeing my flat-mates shriveled cookies was a little much even for me. I jumped back and then picked up his towel and handed it to him.

“Maybe you need to iron that once in awhile.”

“Iron my towel, I just let it air dry”, Xavier said.

“Who was talking about your towel,” I said as scooted past him and smacked him on the butt.

Hey, I was washing my hands anyway. As I was brushing my teeth there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there was Xavier in his tighties and nothing else. Dang!! (I’ve seen worse.) I looked away.

“Yes,” through a mouth full of toothpaste.

“I walked past your room and saw you were going to wear all blue and I decided to give you this early. I was going to just leave by your door when I left today,” he said holding up a blue bottle.

I looked at the bottle without touching it. It was number 28 medium midnight blue hair color. Where would a guy like Xavier get such a thing? I spit out my minty goodness and wiped my mouth.

“Xavier that’s 28 mmb, where did you get such a thing?” I asked trying not to attack him.

“I have a friend who cuts and colors my hair. She says she only uses something called 50…50 …umm.

“50 Midnight.”

“Yes I think that’s it.”

“Yeah ‘50 Midnight’ is a very dark blue hair color. It looks like black until it’s in the Sun,” said flexing my homegrown cosmetology knowledge.

“This Salesman gave it to her by mistake and she didn’t want it and I asked her if I could have it for you,” he said shyly.

“Wow what a nice thing to do, that stuff is top of the line.” (still not taking it from him.) “What do you want for it?”

“Nothing I thought it would be like an, I’m not such a bad guy gift.”

“Well you’re probably not, such a bad guy, just new to life around different people.”I said.

“Well I’m trying to be more open and friendly. Here Ted, I have to get dressed, eat and leave.” He said handing me the beautiful blue bottle.

“OK this is a very nice gift thank you and tell your friend thank you.”

“She said if you need any help just ask,” Xavier handed me a card from Robert Rucston’s hair salon.

“Nice, who cuts your hair at Rucston’s?” I asked still in the doorway.

Over his shoulder he said, “Betty-Ann Rucston, his younger sister and are best friends from preschool, back in New England”.

“Cool for you, I think I can handle it. Thank you again.”

I go back into the bathroom to finish my morning stuff. I can’t color my hair this morning but maybe tonight, so I’ll be smooth for tomorrow with the girlz.

I jumped in my clothes and packed my bag with my quick changes and hustled to the kitchen for a Pop-tart and off. Xavier was eating his favorite Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch and reading the paper.

“Hey Ted no blue hair yet?” he asked over the LA times.

“Naw maybe tonight, no time this morning for the full treatment.”

“I can call Betty-Ann and see if she can fit you in after school, would you like that?” he asks still trying to be friendly. “She goes by Bett-Ti now though, not Betty-Ann, please remember that when you meet her.”

I thought for a second and maybe that could be even better.

“Sure how about around 4pm? I’ll stop be there on my way back from L.A.P.A.A..”

“Umm L.A.P.A.A.?” Xavier asked

“I go to the Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy after lunch every day for dance, acting and voice classes.”

“Oh I didn’t know, I thought you just went to regular school.”

“Naw I’ve been going there for awhile, I really enjoy the classes there.” I said.

OK I’ll call Bett-Ti and let her know you’ll be stopping by around 4pm.”

“Solid- I should be getting to school,” I said and remembered to grab the beautiful blue bottle and shove it in a plastic bag and into my big shoulder bag.

As I ran out of the door and down the street, it was like this totally picture perfect kind of day, like the back lot of an old MGM picture.

Maybe my Flat-mate Xavier Grumman will turn out to be not the jerk I thought.

Psf- Annabelle didn’t raise no fools.

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